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Reverend Dawna Mantei
Dawna Mantei
I am an ordained minister
who has been performing exceptional weddings and ceremonies for over a decade.

Serving as Senior Minister at Unity Center of Reno, I honor all religious and spiritual traditions, and am mindful of the importance of individual spiritual journeys.

Whether you come from different faiths, cultures, lifestyles or belief systems, and regardless of your ceremony setting, I create for you the perfect atmosphere of expression that reflects your desires and intention on your Memorable Day.

Reverend Dawna Mantei

Unity Church
If you are still searching for an ideal location, why not look into mine? As Senior Minister at Unity Center of Reno, I lead a Progressive Spiritual Community centered in Spirit. Unity Center is dedicated to teaching and expressing a positive and practical approach to life, helping people awaken their spiritual nature and express their divine potential.

Our beliefs are in harmony with the basic tenets of the world's religions and spiritual traditions that teach love. You need not be a member of Unity to reserve our Center for your event.
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Your celebration is one of the most important
Bringing Your Service Officiant to You
I will conduct your service anywhere in the Reno/Sparks/Lake Tahoe area, offering you the convenience of choosing your special location, from a large hall to an intimate garden, without the concerns of a restricted service venue.

Accommodation can be made to locations beyond Reno/Tahoe/Northern Nevada, with each being on a special request basis.
Making Your Service Special
Not only will I come to your locale, but you will also enjoy a level of personalization in your celebration that few have come to experience these days. I believe that no two events are the same, so I invest valuable time in acquainting myself with you, and understanding how you envision your service. Through creative collaboration, a unique expression that embraces your event will be crafted to transform this special occasion into a treasured memory that will leave a lasting impression with all in attendance.

At Your Location Weddings & Ceremonies combines the convenience of a ceremony service at your chosen location with the elation of a celebration made wonderful.
The most important invitation you send is to the person who joins you in ceremony. It would be my honor to share with you that moment when two individual lives are joined, creating a new life as one. At that very special merging, it's you, your love, and the officiant who stands with you. Invite Someone Special.

In recognition of the many expressions of union in contemporary society,
I conduct services for a variety of nuptials -
Alternative Unions

From Introductory Greeting and Opening Words to Very Personal Vows and Special Readings, your ceremony will be a reflection of your unique union and the love it brings into your lives.
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There are many reasons for ceremonial celebration, and I have the experience to cover a breadth of services that commemorate those occasions.

I lend my sense of spirit and special blessings to many joyful events –
Vow Renewals
And when a very special light goes out in the life of a loved one, my uniquely personal celebration in their memory helps provide comfort and a path to healing. Years of supporting individuals in my congregation as they move through these life experiences have provided great insights into the importance of creating special services that are sensitive and loving Celebrations of Life. I will collaborate with you to deliver an inspired service reflective of your personal expression of celebration and remembrance, be it for a beloved person or a treasured pet.

The same dedication that goes into crafting the perfect wedding ceremony
is applied to these Events of Life Significance -
Pet Remembrances
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"My wedding couldn't have turned out more perfectly. Rev. Dawna was there for us physically and emotionally from start to finish. She helped create a spiritual flow that made family and friends feel the love and joy of our union."
-Megan J.
"We loved all the choices Rev. Dawna gave us for readings, vows and the ceremony itself. Our views were respected and we felt supported by Rev. Dawna's guidance."
-Diedre S.
Engagement Ring
"From the first time we met Rev. Dawna we were comfortable with her. We loved creating our vows and the special ceremonies Rev. Dawna created. We never knew it could be so much fun."
-Brittany R.
"I cannot believe the time and energy Rev. Dawna put into our ceremony. It reflected who we were and what we wanted in a ceremony. She helped us create vows that were unique and said exactly what we wanted to say. She made our special day perfect."
-Jenna K.